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Do you speak Spanish?  
Our staff is fluent in Spanish and Dr. James McCarthy is also fluent in Spanish. 

What if I don't have insurance?
Please call the office at (708) 848-2030 or (630) 279-2030 for an estimate of the charges for an eye exam.   

Q: What is a D.O.?

A:  A D.O. is a medical doctor who has graduated from an osteopathic medical school.  An M.D. is a medical doctor who has graduated from an allopathic medical school.  While the medical training is the same, the philosophy of how to treat the patient is different.  A D.O. is trained to take on a more holistic approach to treating the patient.  The D.O. is taught to "treat the whole patient, not just the disease".  The D.O. student is also taught how to perform manual adjustments of body structure.  There is a strong belief in the D.O. educational foundation that structure begets function.


More about D.O.s

Q: What is a refraction?

A refraction is the measurement of your eyes for glasses and or contact lenses.  This part of your eye exam is typically performed by using an instrument called a phoropter.  A phoropter has numerous lenses through which the patient views an eye chart.  The patient is asked to compare different lens choices for clarity.  A prescription for eye glasses and or contact lenses is then generated.  

Q: Will I be dilated?  Can I drive with my eyes dilated?
If this is your first visit to us then we would most likely want to dilate your pupils. Dilation is necessary for the doctor to get a good view of the inside structures of your eye.  The two main short term side effects of having these dilating drops are blurred vision, usually up close, and light sensitivity for about 4 hours.  We do recommend having someone drive you home if your eyes will be dilated.